All for the money

We can dress up the Greek-Australian Olympic medalist Michael Diamond however we like, we can call him a cynic or a scrooge. But we have to acknowledge that his performance in terms of honesty rivals those in the field of shooting, for which he has won Olympic medals. So, before we decide to snip away his Greek roots, it would be worth considering that statements such as his are much closer to reality than the profusely lyrical praises for the pure spirit which ostensibly dominates the Olympics, especially the ones due to take place in Athens next year. So, Michael Diamond notified major multinational firms that – provided they are prepared to pay the right price – he would have no problem changing his surname. He would be quite happy to compete next year in Athens as Michael Pepsi, Michael Adidas or Michael Kodak. Perhaps he thought that, with the level of hypocrisy that exists in the world of athletics, to be cynical is actually a form of honor. He had displayed similar cynicism years ago when Greece asked him to wear its colors so that it could count one more hollow victory. And then he said he would shift allegiance if the price was not right. And he is not the only one. Dozens of athletes have changed their nationality, tempted by the lure of material rewards rather than any sudden love for a new homeland…

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