Cool response to heat

As the frequency of warnings about the rise in global temperatures continues to grow, the following question remains unanswered: Why isn’t anyone rising up in protest? The greenhouse effect is having an irreversible effect on our health, on our lives. What does it take for us to react? For each solution today that can sort out every aspect of existence (through manifold technological achievements), there is a corresponding side effect, a confirmation of the improvidence which diminishes the present and shortens the future. But we (politicians and citizens alike) fail to react. Indeed, we citizens behave like victims of ongoing politico-economic games. No warning (such as «our planet is becoming an oven») can succeed in changing our daily habits. Government measures, like persistent messages about the dangers of smoking and overeating, fail to change the habits of smokers and the overweight. But why this refusal to face reality, this voluntary blindness? Why are we not more disturbed by the ominous forecasts? Perhaps our anthropocentric culture is to blame or perhaps the problem is that we do not want to give up one tithe of our modern comforts (cars, air conditioning, etc.)? In any case, the efforts made by our species to achieve current progress have not been channeled into safeguarding our future existence on earth as well.

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