September 24, 1953

PAPAGOS IN ITALY: Rome, 23 – The Italian capital, the Italian press and officialdom gave Greek Prime Minister Alexandros Papagos one of the warmest welcomes ever given to a foreign visitor, from the airport of Ciampino, where he was welcomed by the Italian prime minister, Mr Pella, with members of his Cabinet, to the evening when enthusiastic speeches were exchanged at the magnificent official dinner given at the Castel Sant’angelo, attended by officials and members of the diplomatic corps, along with members of Rome’s high society. Gifts exchanged included an 18th century statue of Marcus Aurelius on horseback from Mr Pella, and from Mr Papagos an amphora dating from the Mycenaean age. It was clear that the Italian government went to great lengths to show the greatest respect for its distinguished guest. COMPETITION: The prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, yesterday (September 22) received the new Russian ambassador in Athens, Mr Sergeyev, with whom he discussed bilateral issues. Field Marshal Papagos then received the US ambassador, Mr Cannon. ONE OF THE LAST: Lamia, 21 – According to reports from Gardikio, the wanted outlaw leader Nikolaos Kouvaras, who fell into a police ambush near the village of Marmara while disguised in women’s clothing, escaped after injuring a police officer.