October 1, 1953

GENERAL SECURITY: Investigations into the recently discovered secret publishing house run by the Communist Party (KKE) continued at General Security headquarters yesterday (September 29). The senior officers carrying out the investigation, I. Krontiris and I. Karahalios, interrogated the wife of (Georgios) Georgiou and his children Elli, 21, and Panayiotis, 19. Georgios Georgiou, 45, was arrested at his home in Nea Smyrni. At his former home at 88 Myli Street, an underground hiding place was found containing all the KKE’s illegal printing equipment where the illegal newspaper Rizospastis was printed and from where it was distributed until just 10 days ago, and other publications including «Unenslaved Athens.» AIRMEN’S TRIAL: The military court of appeals gave another hearing yesterday to the appeal by air force officers and NCOs, who have been given various sentences. VENICE INSTITUTE: The Education Ministry (on behalf of the minister, Mr C. Kallias), is drawing up a bill on the foundation of an Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice, to advance the study of Italy’s rich Byzantine monuments and archives. ELECTION OF GARGANAS: A by-election in the prefecture of Evros (…) has been won once more by the ruling Greek Rally party, with the election of the party’s candidate Christos Garganas.