October 22, 1953

PAUL AND FREDERIKA: (From an article by Willie Snow Ethridge in the New York Herald Tribune, reprinted in Kathimerini) – President Eisenhower and his wife will be taking a back seat when King Paul and Queen Frederika (…) visit the White House. These two people are dynamic, particularly the queen. The king is a large man, 1.80 meters tall, with broad shoulders and chest and a large, intelligent face with bright blue eyes. But the queen has everything – lovely looks, youth, judgment, intelligence, charm, enthusiasm and energy. (…) When Paul succeeded his brother George II (…) there was considerable doubt as to whether the monarchy would survive. Of the six kings who have ruled in Greece over the past 100 years, three have been deposed and one murdered. (…) MUNICIPAL CATHARSIS: Thessaloniki, 23 – A decision to appoint nine new municipal councilors to replace those who have been dismissed will be signed tomorrow. The new councilors will be from the united national ticket. Mr Stratos announced that there will soon be a catharsis of left-wing elements in all councils in northern Greece.