A call to the unsullied

Sunday’s referendum on the proposals put forward last week by Greece’s international creditors will be decisive for the country’s future.

In recent statements, virtually all key European leaders made it clear that a no vote will mean exit from the euro currency area, and leave our relationship with the European Union seriously damaged.

The battle will be lost if it the yes campaign gets hijacked by worn-out politicians and parties.

They’d better step aside.

They should join this major pro-Europe battle but not try to lead it from the front.

Sure, every one has their place in this campaign – and no one should remain silent at this crucial moment for the country.

Amid the ranks of the Greece of creativity, culture and growth, there are many unblemished and dynamic personalities who could make a valuable contribution. It’s time they assumed their historic role. If they don’t, Greece’s future is at risk of looking uncomfortably similar to its past.