Times have changed

Public opinion polls carried out over the past few days have made it abundantly clear that what the people want is a government made up of multiple parties with broad public support and a unified voice in Parliament.

It is clear that the age of charismatic leaders and all-powerful, single-party governments is over and won’t be back anytime soon. Any political leader who fails to understand this, who insists on asking that he be voted outright, with a sizable majority, and who rules out any possibility of cooperation with other parties is going against the will of the voters.

Loyalty to a particular party has become a rarity in Greece. It is shown only by a small group of fanatics and party cadres who are looking for a job in the public sector or who are serving their own interests by cozying up to a single-party government.

Everyone else knows that this single-minded approach to governance offers no solutions to the country’s myriad problems.