February 14, 1954

URBAN RAILWAY: According to a reliable source, a series of meetings have been held between Greek authorities and members of the American Economic Mission to examine the possibility of using credits which Coordination Minister (Spyros) Markezinis secured for the long-term growth program in the production sector during his recent visit to West Germany. According to the reports, the Greek and US authorities have submitted the following conclusions to the Greek government for approval: That it was both possible and proper to use German credits to extend the urban railway to Kifissia, in combination with a budget of $10 million, which the US Mission has put at the disposal of the Greek government to fund Greek industry. ONASSIS: London, 13 – According to official sources here, Great Britain is extremely interested in any changes related to Saudi Arabia’s petroleum. The statement was made in view of the announcement of an agreement between Aristotle Onassis and Saudi Arabia regarding the transport of the latter’s oil.