Illogical behavior

The rolling strikes that we have been seeing in recent weeks on fixed-line modes of transport in the Greek capital might possibly be legal, insofar as the strict letter of the law is concerned, but they are undoubtedly abusive in essence.

This is the case firstly because unionists and their ilk have no right to determine which organization should be able to profit from the commercial exploitation of public transport stations and other facilities managed by STASY, the company that oversees fixed-track modes of public transport in the capital.

Secondly, a law paving the way for the commercial exploitation of stations has already been approved in Greece’s Parliament.

But thirdly, and most significantly, the action is abusive because citizens have to put up with an unbelievable level of inconvenience due to the illogical behavior of a small minority.

Citizens would be justified in believing that there is something suspicious behind the recent protests.