The People vs the State

Nothing infuriates citizens more than the state’s indifference toward them. Instead of facilitating citizens, the state in many ways stands as an obstacle to any initiative that would benefit them.

As things stand today, thousands of insured people find themselves in limbo because the legislation which concerns them was put together quite haphazardly by the the leftist-led government, and, simply put, just cannot be implemented.

Taxpayers have no idea how far back in time audits by tax authorities can go.

Courts are busy issuing rulings, but there is utter confusion, and the state is effectively violating the law. No self-respecting country can function in this way and it stands to reason that this sense of absolute uncertainty is killing any prospects of an economic recovery.

The fundamental question that demands an answer is whether those in government are aware of the justified anger of citizens, or if they only interested in their political clientele.