. ..Our economy remains tied to ancestral errors, it is burdened by deficits and secret debts, and it’s caught up in a protectionist framework that is often disguised. Markets are imperfect, as they lack a comprehensive safety net, and they are unable to provide adequate information and safety for players. Privatizations, stock-market listings, and tenders all seem fixed; they lack transparency… Businesses, for their part, appear to be devoid of prospects; they seem to be under the burden of a family structure and obstructed by the limitations of a small domestic market. Most of them depend on the initiatives of a dominant individual who has built ties and relationships, which either have no place in the new environment or can’t be maintained by his successors… It is impossible to mobilize sizable capital enough to sustain big investment because our market is small and imperfect. The country’s system is deficient, it is not ready to meet the requirements of the demanding environment of the eurozone. The entire system of government, the supportive mechanisms, seem unable to compete in the premier league of Europe, or rather, they are called upon to compete in the highly challenging field of the eurozone with players of subordinate divisions… The Middle East is, of course, the most crucial area for this type of operation. However, given the absence of any other European bases there, Turkey is the only pro-Western country in the region which can provide military assets and facilities. This explains Europe’s willingness to satisfy Turkey’s demands despite the fact that Turkey is neither an EU member nor is it expected to become one in the foreseeable future.

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