How strong indeed?

Turkey is supposedly in the weaker position. Because it wants to join the European Union or, at least, extract a date for membership talks. Because it ought to show a conciliatory attitude. Because (for any weight that this has on the scales of diplomacy and geopolitics), it shoulders the burden of the northern Cyprus occupation. Greeks and Greek Cypriots, on the other hand, are supposedly the strong side. Because Cyprus was the victim of Turkish invasion and still awaits a moral vindication. And because Greece is an equal EU member with a «strong and respected international voice,» or at least so the previous administration had it. And still, despite the strong cards in the hands of the Greek side, each draft submitted by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is worse than the previous one… None of the Greek-Cypriot expectations were fulfilled in the fourth draft. On the contrary, and probably thanks to intense pressure from our transatlantic hegemon, most of the Turkish demands were met – certainly the more crucial ones, i.e. those which concern the number of Turkish settlers and troops which will remain on the island, the return of Greek-Cypriot property, and the duration of the purportedly provisional derogations. Indeed, when and how can the Turkish Cypriots’ per capita income rise to 85 percent of the Greek-Cypriot one, so that freedom of movement for people and goods can be applied?

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