Profligacy and deadlock

Many young people voted SYRIZA into power as a means of protest against the way in which the country was being managed by the parties of the old establishment.

How wrong they turned out to be. Under the leftist-led government we can see that the old bad habits of incompetence, cronyism and mismanagement are not only continuing, but getting worse.

Those in power today have not only adopted the worst practices of the past, they have positively embraced them. And they believe they are justified in doing so, repeatedly pointing to the sinful history of their political opponents, as if this absolves them for their actions today.

However, this country deserves better. It is imperative that we get out of this vicious cycle of profligacy that has brought us to the deadlock we find ourselves in now.

It is imperative because if we don’t change our mentality and continue along the same path, we will find ourselves stuck in an endless state of crisis and stagnation.

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