Zero tolerance

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue has made significant steps toward ending the culture of tax avoidance in this country.

The reactions of those who oppose the operation of this important mechanism, however, are starting to get completely out of control. An extreme case was reported in Volos yesterday, when a pastry shop owner fired a gun during a visit by tax inspectors.

Turning the page on this issue that has long plagued our country is easier said than done, especially at a time of deep and prolonged financial crisis. What also makes it difficult is the fact that the overwhelming majority of Greek citizens are overburdened due to high taxes and social security contributions. Many are stretched to their limits financially and psychologically as a result of the difficulties they continue to face.

The state must make an example out of those who commit acts of violence against tax officials. Zero tolerance is the only way to respond to such actions, which have no place in a European country.