Tolerating violence

Nowhere else in Europe are police officers and unsuspecting passers-by subject to such a high frequency of random attacks.

Nowhere else in Europe is such tolerance displayed to small bands of vandals and delinquents, who are allowed to smash public and private property, to run riot wherever and whenever they want, for whatever reason.

The political responsibility for the spike in such attacks over the past few months obviously rests with the minister of citizens’ protection, but it is also clear that this policy of tolerance permeates the entire leftist-led government, from the top down.

As citizens, we should be very worried if this is the case because the majority of government officials believe that as long there are no victims, then such incidents of violence do not really bother the average citizen. Because if this is the case, then the government has a very distorted image of what being a state governed by the rule of law actually means.