April 22, 1954

APOSTOLIDIS ANTHOLOGY: (From An Athenian’s Notes, April 15) – «I do not know if there is any other way anyone can offer a greater service to his country’s literature than to compile an anthology. An anthologist is the best person to popularize a nation’s literature. It is he who provides the means for many people to become familiar with prose and poetry which would otherwise be restricted to a narrow reading public and to experts. It is inconceivable for a doctor, chemist, engineer, lawyer, archaeologist or banker not to have an overall idea of his country’s literature and poetry. From this point of view, therefore, the anthologies of Iraklis N. Apostolidis – poetry and short stories – are a major contribution to popularizing Greek literature. (…) An anthologist is undoubtedly a critic, whose work covers the entire corpus of a nation’s intellectual expression. From this point of view, Mr Apostolidis should be recognized as the leader in his field.» OPENING OF AGRONOMISTS’ SCHOOL: The main wing of the Agronomy Faculty was opened yesterday by the king and queen.