. ..It’s probably a stereotypical reaction. When we are unable to follow some crucial or rapid changes, we transcend them by disregarding the framework within which they arise. Hence, liberal globalization came with ‘the end of history,’ the collapse of the communist bloc gave rise to the ‘end of ideologies’ and the introduction of new technologies in the production process prompted theories about ‘the end of labor.’ The changes in men’s social condition because of women’s entry into social life and work now threaten to bring about ‘the end of man.’ This is how the media interpreted a scientific article by an Austrian doctor on the implications of female independence on male behavior… Amid the conflict between those who draw the portrait of the infinite male and those who claim that the male sex is actually an ideological construction, one can discern the angst of man to comprehend what he really is… Men’s doubts over their manhood spawned fears of uselessness and the theory of the ‘extinction of manliness.’ But the problem of man’s uselessness is a pseudo-problem raised by himself. If manhood is something which is taught and conquered, then there is no doubt that it can also change – but never abolished. The controversial document is at odds with Greece’s interests, but above all it undermines the EU’s hoped-for military presence and, by extension, Europe’s political and defensive emancipation. The extra-institutional negotiation itself, which resulted in the controversial document, is a clear violation of rules. But it is still a minor offense when compared to the severe downgrading of the importance and the role of the EU force, not only from outside but also from within.

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