June 2, 1954

WAVE OF ARRESTS: As of yesterday, police and security departments in Athens, Piraeus and the suburbs began taking draconian measures in view of the arrival of Field Marshal Josip Broz Tito, fearing demonstrations by communists, such as the raising of banners. Many suspects were arrested and other people are being watched. The number of those arrested was not announced, nor were their names. It was reported that many of these people were taken to Spata where they are being held at the primary school. They are to be released after Tito’s departure. (…) All police officers’ leave has been canceled. In Thessaloniki, the gendarmerie has also arrested several leftists. MITSOTAKIS: Mr Constantine Mitsotakis, speaking in Parliament, said that the commercial banks are issuing loans to newspapers, but that the process of granting the loans is being directed by the (Papagos) government and this was creating the impression that the government wanted to keep the press under its control. This is why the government was delaying approval of a rise in the price of newspapers.