June 7, 1954

TRIPARTITE BALKAN ALLIANCE: Yesterday at 1.30 p.m. the Foreign Ministry released the joint communique on the visit and talks by Field Marshal Tito in Athens. Previously, the content of the communique had been telegrammed to Ankara to brief the Turkish government. The communique emphasizes the friendly nature of the talks and announces the decision by the three governments (of Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia) to establish an alliance, to be officially declared in Belgrade at a meeting between the countries’ foreign ministers in mid-July. The communique also announces a proposal by Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos for a Balkan Advisory Assembly, of parliamentary deputies from the three countries. EPIDAURUS: Credits of 500,000 drachmas have been approved to restore the ancient amphitheater in Epidaurus. ANNIHILATION OR CAPTURE: The Security Committee has issued a warrant for the former outlaw E. Papoulias or Poupoulias. For anyone who kills this man, a reward of 15,000 drachmas will be paid, and for anyone who captures him, 7,000 drachmas. The outlaw had fled to a country behind the Iron Curtain, but returned to Greece via Bulgaria in August of 1953, and has been living outside the law.