June 23, 1954

KARAMANLIS PROJECTS: A controversial and difficult problem, that of water supply for the capital and its surroundings, which has been of concern to all previous governments without any decision having been reached, has been resolved once and for all by the current government. At a meeting yesterday of the Coordinating Council, chaired by the prime minister, Mr Alexandros Papagos, a report by the public works minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, was approved for a third pipeline from the Yliki Reservoir. The solution provides the most advantages regarding pipeline length, cost, the amount of water transported and completion time necessary. KARAMANLIS’S REPORT: «Everyone knows what a major problem the capital’s water supply is, one that has concerned the past three generations without any solution being found. Per capita water consumption is about 75 liters a day, compared to the average of 300 for cities of a similar size. This means that of the population of 1,350,000, only 950,000 have access to a water supply.» KAZANTZAKIS: New books: «Alexis Zorbas» by Nikos Kazantzakis, Athens, 1954.