One of the most notable aspects of organizational inefficiency is the great failure of the State and businesses to administrate public procurements and public works. The subsidization of prominent businesses, in the telecommunications sector, for example, and the assignment of projects were supposedly aimed at bolstering national champions which would have been able to stand on their own feet in a new context marked by market liberalization and intensified competition. Although Greece has received two complete social packages, there are still no firms and design offices capable of managing the third, and much tighter, Community Support Framework in a swift and efficient way. Ministries and businesses have received hundreds of billions of drachmas and yet we have seen no solid organizational infrastructure for the management of funds. We are entering the era of the euro without having a well-prepared entrepreneurial sector capable of helping us benefit from the new competition unleashed by the eurozone. Of course, the various businesses are not equally responsible for this failure. However, it is extremely unlikely that the country’s economic (and political) system is able to fairly distribute responsibilities. In a majority of cases, political protection is enough to render entrepreneurs untouchable. It is obvious that the entrepreneurial class’s reputation alone cannot guarantee the country’s fate in the new era… If the justice minister can indeed prove that a prosecutor is guided by the opposition or that he has violated a set of fundamental principles, he should push for his legal prosecution. As long as he fails to do this and as long as the government spokesman continues to respond to investigation findings with slanderous attacks against the prosecutors, the government’s impropriety will only become greater.

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