Greek models

I was disappointed to read a letter that was printed in Kathimerini several days ago of a Greek from abroad stating that the virtues of «method,» «discipline» and «organization» do not come naturally to us (July 7). They referred to models of where they live (Canada, Australia, the US) of ways to achieve the success of the European Champions. I do not believe we have to look to non-Hellenic models to achieve success. We would not have achieved some of our greatest successes without adhering to the abovementioned virtues. Do you think the writings of our philosophers, the extreme discipline of Sparta, the conquests of Alexander and his army, the innovations of the Hellenistic scientists, the spiritual beauty of the Greek Fathers of Orthodoxy, the organization and wide influence of the 1,000-year empire of Byzantium, the War of Independence from the Ottomans, the building of the modern Hellenic State (in the face of occupation and civil war wrought by foreign political intervention) could have been done by being «naturally lazy.» Let’s not be seduced by the countries where we reside. They also have many problems. We Hellenes only have to look at our own models to guide us in achieving success. Although the circumstances are different, the principles remain the same. And then we can achieve success in a way that is particularly suited to our own way of being and will also be spiritually nourishing in that it has come from the womb of Hellas. DIONYSIOS MOTHONEOS – Sydney