July 26, 1954

GREECE-ALBANIA: With regard to the recent statements by Albania’s new prime minister (Mehmet Sehu) and his expressed desire to restore normal relations with Greece «in accordance with repeated proposals,» an official source said that the Albanian government had never expressed a desire to restore normal relations with Greece. He added that the only indication had been a request a few months ago via the UN secretary-general for markers to be installed along the Greek-Albanian border. At that time the Greek government had hastened to reply via the UN figure that markers were the sole responsibility of the military authorities and that the chiefs of staff of both countries should settle the issue jointly. The Albanian government has made no further move since, so claims of «expressed repeated proposals» are incorrect. TALKS SUSPENDED: According to a telegram, the Greek delegation currently in Paris to hold economic talks with Bulgarian counterparts is to return to Athens. GREEK WOMEN DIPLOMATS: Consideration is now being given to female candidates for posts in the Foreign Ministry, following applications by women for examinations.