August 2, 1954

MAKARIOS: Archbishop Makarios, Ethnarch of Cyprus, has delivered an important speech to the Greek-Cypriot people, in which he categorically rejected the British government’s plan to impose a colonial constitution on the Greek population of the island. The speech, made in a calm but determined manner, reiterates the recent proclamation of the Pan-Cypriot National Assembly regarding the union of the island with Greece, which is the only ideal and demand of the Greek people of Cyprus and the people of free Greece. LE MONDE: Paris, 30 – The leading French daily has published an editorial today titled «From Suez to Cyprus,» which accords full recognition to the Cypriot people’s desire for union with Greece. The newspaper emphasizes the Greek origin of the vast majority of the Cypriot people and draws the conclusion that the constitution proposed by Great Britain would be a dead letter, just as the constitution of 1948 was, due to the hostility of the Cypriot people. Schoolbooks: The association of authors of schoolbooks have voted to call for te abilition of the Organization of School Textbook Publications, which they say is anachronistic and illiberal.