August 7, 1954

MEGDOVA DAM: Paris, 5 – Following negotiations between the Greek government held on its behalf by Professor Nikolaidis, the leader of a Greek delegation in Paris, and the French Foreign Ministry and Finance Minister Mr Edgar Faure, a French-Greek contract has been signed for the construction of a dam on the River Megdova for the production of hydroelectric energy. Funding for the project is to come from two major firms that are to give Greece a loan of 6 billion francs. FRANCE-GREECE: Paris, 5 – Greek circles here, emphasizing the importance of the above contract, are also drawing attention to the fact that the French government, which in this case has shown a particularly friendly interest in Greece, has also, apart from the economic aspect of the contract, wanted to show its political sympathy for its old and faithful friendly nation. GREECE – GREAT BRITAIN: London, 5 – The Greek ambassador in London has lodged a strong protest over the statement made by the former colonial minister, Mr Littleton, against Greece with regard to the Cyprus issue.