September 27, 1954

EXECUTIONS: Thessaloniki, 25 – This morning Athanasassios Bakov and Evangelos Kyratzopoulos, who had been sentenced to death by court marital, were executed. The two had been sent to the city by the Bulgarians, in order to spy against Greece. PASALIDIS: The president of the United Democratic Left (EDA), Mr Ioannis Pasalidis, issued an announcement welcoming the inclusion of the Cyprus issue in the agenda for the UN General Assembly. «The politics of peace and equal friendship are indicated once more as the only correct way to serve the national interest,» he said in a reference to the votes in favor of the move by the eastern bloc. FOREIGN LOANS: After the announcement of the cessation of talks with foreign bond-holders, the prices of foreign loans dropped suddenly the next day. Numerous transactions were made. KOLLIAS AND AIRMEN’S CASE: Yesterday the appeals lodged by the airmen Zafeiropoulos, Mademlis, Kontoiorgakis, Papantoniou and Metaxas were heart by the criminal section of the Supreme Court. The prosecutor Constantine Kollias asked for the appeals to be rejected.