October 19, 1954

MARKEZINIS’S GROUP: The coordination minister and Mrs Thanos Kapsalis hosted a dinner the other day at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in honor of the outgoing head of the US Economic Mission in Greece and Mrs Leland Barrows. The guests were the minister for trade and Mrs Papaligouras, for finance Mr C. Papayiannis, for labor and Mrs E. Gonis, for agriculture Mr P. Levantis, Deputy Finance Minister Mr L. Evtaxias, US Ambassador and Mrs. Cannon, Ambassador and Mrs O. Kontostavlou, Ambassador Kindinis, the US Charge d’Affaires and Mrs Birgfield, the head of the US Economic Mission and Mrs Russell Drake, Sir Theodore and Lady Gregory, Mr Kallinskis and others. AND KARAMANLIS: A few days ago Minister for Public Works Mr Constantine Karamanlis gave a dinner for small group of people in honor of Mr and Mrs Leland Barrows and the new head of the US Economic Mission and Mrs Russell Drake. Among the guests were National Defense Minister Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos and the Education Minister Mr Achilleas Gerokostopoulos.