. ..No one can justify the recent terrorist attacks, especially using the unacceptable expression, It served them right. There can be no justification for a killing spree. People may be right to mention the responsibilities of the American superpower during the Gulf War, during NATO’s bombing campaigns on Serbia and during the Israeli raids on Palestine, but they are wrong when they support the new barbarity which will restrict our daily lives by the aggrandizement of terrorism into a great hostile threat. No one, in any case, can be certain that this offspring of the system, who was trained by the CIA against the Soviet threat, that cosmopolitan techno-freak, Osama bin Laden, is behind the terrorist attacks. Even if we take into account the pilots of the suicide attack, it is still hard to grasp this kind of nihilism or the religious zealotry… characteristic of a growing part of our world. Insanity has never promoted world reformation… The ordinary American citizen and average American politician – one of those who mix up the geography of small countries – will have many things to deal with when the horror fades away. But the political elite of this big country has to avoid the aggression and isolation which accompanies indignation and revenge. It will have to display judgment and wisdom so that it can truly work for a world which is based on human trust. Greece basically shares Western principles, values and way of life. Our equal participation in the unique experiment of European integration is not the result of a simple political decision. It expresses something much more deep and solid.

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