December 29, 1954

FRANCE-GERMANY: Paris, 27 – The French prime minister, Mr Pierre Mendes France, won approval for his views (by 289 to 251 votes) regarding the need to ratify the Paris Treaties. Impressed by the two dramatic speeches he delivered and after pressure from London and Washington, and also due to the risk of France being isolated, the National Assembly passed articles in the Paris Treaties that provide for the entry of Germany to NATO. ZAKYTHINOS: New books: «The Fall of Constantinople and Rule by Turkey» by Dionyssis A. Zakythinos (professor at the University of Athens). CHRISTMAS FOOD MARKETS: According to an announcement by the minister for trade, Mr Makkas, and Deputy Minister Mr Taliadouros, there was a complete sufficiency of food, particularly meat, in the markets of Athens and Piraeus over Christmas. This year’s consumption of meat was about 143,000 okas (1 oka equals about 1.2 kilos) higher than last year’s. Despite the high demand, prices remained steady and fell considerably in the afternoon hours, particularly for poultry, for which prices dropped to 26 drachmas per oka.