December 31, 1954

WAGE INCREASES: The prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, has made the following announcement: «(…) The Government Coordinating Council has decided to make the following increases, following a report by the ministers for coordination (P. Papaligouras) and labor (A. Stratos): a) The minimum daily wage for an unskilled (male) worker from 31.25 to 37 drachmas; b) that of an unskilled woman worker from 25 to 29 drachmas; g) the minimum monthly wage for a male employee in the private sector from 812.50 to 940 drachmas; d) the minimum monthly wage of a female staff member in the private sector from 695 to 806 drachmas; e) the minimum wage of a domestic servant from 610.80 to 710 drachmas, and f) the minimum wages of various categories of apprentices. PRICES: The price of a newspaper is set at 1.50 drachmas, the gold sovereign 306.50 drachmas, the US dollar 29.90 drachmas. BREAD: The board of the Bakers’ Federation asked Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos yesterday to intervene personally to increase funding for the cost of producing bread. They said that maintaining the same price for bread for over one and a half years has been at bakers’ expense.