April 28,1955

ALBERT CAMUS IN ATHENS: Mr Albert Camus yesterday gave a talk at a packed Parnassus Hall on the subject of «The Artist and His Time.» Mr Camus was eloquent and made a convincing critique of those who believe in art for art’s sake as well as art in the service of a cause, declaring the need for artists to remain free and independent but always in tune with the times. Mr Camus received tumultuous applause. MICHAEL CACOYANNIS TRIUMPHS: Cannes, 27 (From our correspondent Rosita Sokou) – This afternoon, the new Greek film «Stella,» directed by Michael Cacoyannis, was screened to a full house. The film stars Mrs Melina Mercouri, Mr Alekos Alexandrakis and Mr Giorgos Foundas. The film was a resounding success and the applause lasted for a long time after the end of the screening. POLITICAL GAMES: The prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, yesterday received the former prime minister, Mr Ioannis Theotokis, for a long and warm conversation. No details of their conversation were released, nor even if it touched on political issues.