May 9, 1955

MITSOTAKIS ON KAZANTZAKIS: During yesterday’s session of Parliament, Mr Constantine Mitsotakis said that the Papagos government appeared to agree with those who wanted to ban the circulation of certain literary works, as indicated by the prosecution of municipal councilors, including some in Thessaloniki who had obviously criticized these attempts. He said the Holy Synod had no cause to persecute (the writer Nikos) Kazantzakis because in his novel «Christ Recrucified» he had displayed a more Christian spirit than that of his persecutors. MAKARIOS: Archbishop Makarios, Ethnarch of Cyprus, during a dinner in his honor yesterday given by the Foreign Press Association of Greece, accused the British government of provoking the uncertain situation prevailing on the island at the moment. CONVICTION OF CYPRIOT MILITANTS: Ktima (Paphos), 6 – The postscript to the trial of 13 Greek patriots was written today not only with their conviction but with the presentation of their ideas, which were the reason for the charges being pressed against them and which the judges distorted in the worst possible manner.