May 17, 1955

SPATA AIRPORT: A committee set up by municipalities from the Saronic coastal districts has announced that it has received a letter from an American expert on designing and constructing airports, Mr Stewart Thompson of New York, whose office has built 43 airports in Central America and Brazil, expressing the opinion that the idea of extending Hellenikon airport should be abandoned and that the new airport should be built at Spata. POLITICAL SITUATION: New York, 14 – The Christian Science Monitor has printed a lengthy report from Athens analyzing the Greek political situation. The correspondent mentions the departures (of Markezinis supporters) from the ruling Rally Party and the weakening of the government, now depending chiefly on the personality of the (ailing) prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos. The writer wondered whether the government would be able to stay in power longer than six months. (Ed. note: Papagos died five months later.) He also emphasized the ineffectiveness of the opposition, increased support for communism, the emergence of leftist mayors and the risk of popular fronts being formed, something which US Ambassador Cavendish Cannon had publicly warned of.