June 10, 1955

GEORGIOS LYKOUDIS: (From an obituary by Minos Dounias on the late Greek musician): «(…) As I look back over the life and work of this man, I am transported back to the Berlin of over 30 years ago, to be precise, the pre-1925 period. It was there, when I was a novice at the State Conservatory, that I first met Lykoudis. His qualifications were impressive enough for a first-year music student: the early emergence of his talent as a violinist, graduation from the Brussels Conservatory with the top distinction, a soloist with various European orchestras, and a professor at the Athens Conservatory. I soon acquired first-hand impressions of the then 27-year-old Greek musician when I encountered him in a string quartet in which I had the good fortune of playing the viola together with the young Skalkottas and the cellist Constantinidis. At our weekly sessions, often in the presence of Dimitris Mitropoulos, I was finally able to enjoy the warmth of music, of which I had been deprived in the cold, academic atmosphere of the State Conservatory. In the person of Lykoudis, I came to know a very musical violinist and a wonderfully inspired teacher.»