JANUARY 5, 1952

THE IDEA MOVEMENT: Military court rapporteur Mr Zozounakis, who is investigating the events of May 31, 1951, has questioned several senior officers over the past few days, including the Armed Forces Chief of Staff Mr Rigoropoulos, the inspector general of the army, Mr Kitrilakis, and Army Chief of Staff Mr Tsakalotos. The testimony of these officers was considered vital since they were in Athens on May 31 and were the first to become aware of the displeasure of the officers who took part in the mutiny following the resignation of Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos from his post as Commander in Chief. Their testimony referred in detail to the events of that night and the stance of each officer. G. BOUZIANIS: From a review by Angelos G. Prokopios on the Stathmis Group’s art exhibition: «(…) The focus of the exhibition is the artist G. Bouzianis (…). In whatever he paints, whether a vase or a human face, there is a sob (…). These days, we experience the most trying of events with cynicism and insensitivity, and artists usually leave the human element out of their painting of boats, trees, (…) walls and Greek tiles. Nothing around them stirs their spirit. That is why Bouzianis always speaks to our souls.» There was chaos on national roads when snow, ice and stalled vehicles blocked the highways leading from Athens to Corinth and the main north-south highway. Scores of motorists were stranded last night as the worsening weather hit the road network, from Evros province in northeastern Greece to Crete in the south.

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