JANUARY 30, 1952

PANAYIOTIS KANELLOPOULOS: From an article in a series written by politicians, published in Kathimerini: «(…) Might not the events of May 30, 1951 provide, even at this late date, a basis for the claim that the army was being undermined over the past three years by (the army officers’ organization) IDEA? Our rulers know very well that the officers who mutinied on that night acted in a way that did not accord with IDEA’s precepts. As was shown by those who carried out the investigation, there was never a plan, nor any preparation. Everything was decided on the spur of the moment and after noisy arguments in which the more outspoken prevailed over the hesitant. The events of that night were characterized by spasmodic actions, without any political goals, without even any logical order. They can only be attributed to the shock suffered by some officers at the resignation of Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos. And this was truly a shock, not only for the officers but for the entire nation. (…) Where, then, is the evidence to support the claim that on that night, IDEA acted to overthrow the country’s government?» DIYARBAKIR – Two children were killed in southeastern Turkey yesterday after stepping on a landmine buried in a snow-covered field, police officials said. Ahmet Serhat Bulgal, seven, and his 9-year-old brother Davut Bulgal were killed in a remote area near the village of Sason in mountainous Batman province, a security official told Reuters. «They didn’t see the mine because of the snow,» he said, adding he believed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels had planted the mine. (Reuters)

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