July 20, 1955

TAKIS PAPATSONIS: The Economy Ministry’s general directorate, general secretariat and two of the three posts of special economic advisers are to be abolished. The post of general secretary is currently held by Mr Takis Papatsonis, who is to assume the sole remaining post of special adviser. (Ed. note: Papatsonis was one of the most important Greek poets of the 20th century.) ARRESTS AND EXILES: The parliamentary deputies S. Allamanis, N. Zorbas, P. Tzannetakis, G. Tzatzanis, E. Petsos and S. Kothris tabled a proposal in Parliament yesterday to the interior and justice ministers asking for the real reasons why mass arrests had been made over the past few days, since there is no evidence that the people concerned had broken any laws. They ask why fundamental laws had been violated by organs of the state and why unacceptable measures were being taken. They said that the escape of 27 prisoners (communists from the prisons of Vourla and Piraeus on July 17), which was being cited as partly the reason for the arrests, could be used as justification.

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