The conspiracy network

Many find it hard to interpret recent events because they examine them in an isolated fashion. But the overall environment, specific circumstances, connections between individuals and particular incidents together allow for some reasonable conclusions. The first involves the broader political, economic and social environment. The political domain is obviously powerless, as it has been crippled by its long entanglement with business interests. Many of our political representatives have lost their ability to resist, being closely bound up with a wide range of interests that have long prevailed thanks to state aide and subsidies, both direct and indirect. In recent years, this network of interests has suffered economic and political setbacks. These started with the loss of its excessive stock-market gains and what it had invested in the illusion of a marketplace. The network then sought state help to make up for its losses, but did not receive the desired response because, in the meantime, circumstances have changed and current economic conditions leave no room for subsidies. This unlawful network of interests has also come under judicial control. The justice system is now silently investigating big cases and there is also an ongoing inquiry into terrorism, which itself touches upon these areas. Under economic, political and judicial pressure, the «system» itself feels threatened. Therefore it seems to have implemented a plan intended to sling mud in all directions so as to strip the country of all sense of credibility, undermine the healthy institutions and overwhelm all honest views with sheer baseness. The rotten foundations of the media provided a safe basis for launching the attack, as the media also enjoyed the requisite political legitimacy. This is where the paranoia started. The lack of moderation prevented this whole network from respecting its own limits. And it made a dreadful mistake. It attacked the president, a moderate and decent man who more than any one else has honored his title – an act which provoked public sentiment among the many who struggle to make a living and have nothing to do with the depravity marking modern Greek life. But, perhaps, they have provided a unique opportunity to clear things up: To introduce rules, implement laws and, finally, rid the country of all sorts of self-styled guardians. Denktash, whose breakaway state is recognized only by Ankara, has long insisted on the creation of two separate but associated states, while Clerides backs a federal solution as envisaged by UN resolutions.

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