September 9, 1955

KANELLOPOULOS: During yesterday’s parliamentary session (…) Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos spoke about the terrible attacks on the Greek communities in Istanbul and Izmir. Mr Kanellopoulos condemned the Turks’ barbarity and criticized the stance of the Turkish government, which he said would be presented with a demarche today. He also said Greece would not be participating in military exercises this month within the framework of NATO, and that while the country would not agree to respond to the Turks, neither would it concede anything in the sphere of national dignity and pride. ISTANBUL: It has been announced that 29 churches were destroyed, 14 of them completely, by the crazed mobs. Two of those dated from the Byzantine period. (…) The Turkish prime minister, Mr Adnan Menderes, accompanied by the ethnic Greek member of Parliament, Mr Hadzopoulos, visited the wrecked homes of ethnic Greeks and expressed his regrets. TURKISH CONSULATE: Thessaloniki, 6 – The attack on the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki was definitely the work of foreigners.