September 14, 1955

WHALE HUNTING IN ARGOSTOLI: Patras, 13 – Swimmers at Aghios Constantinos beach near Argostoli on the island of Cephalonia panicked today at the sign of a large cetacean swimming a short distance offshore. However, a short while later, the initial (and justifiable) panic gave way to curiosity. Hundreds of people began to gather on the shore to watch a phenomenon that is both rare and noteworthy. The cetacean swam along the beach, spouting to the delight of onlookers. Self-appointed experts among the crowd speculated as to the species. When it was killed, it was ascertained that it was a whale measuring 12.40 meters in length and weighing about 6 tons. The presence of a whale in the area raised the alert among fishermen, the port police, gendarmerie and the local army brigade. A patrol was assembled and set off in canoes to pursue and kill the huge mammal. The chase lasted three hours and ended in the killing of the whale with a stick of dynamite, to the cheers of the crowds on shore. The whale’s carcass was towed to shore amid a round of applause.