October 6, 1955

PREMIERSHIP GOES TO KARAMANLIS: King Paul has provided a solution to the chaotic political situation that arose yesterday evening on the death of the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos. In a decisive initiative, the king summoned Mr Constantine Karmanlis to the palace yesterday evening and instructed him to form a government. The royal decree was accompanied by another to dissolve Parliament in the event that it did not give a vote of confidence to the new government, to be sworn in today. The new government, to appear before Parliament next week, will consist exclusively of parliamentary deputies. The news of the royal mandate to Mr Karamanlis, broadcast at 10.30 p.m. last night on Athens radio, gave rise to widespread relief since it was seen to put an end to a long period of political uncertainty during the illness and then death of Field Marshal Papagos. STEPHANOPOULOS’S REACTION: Mr Stephanos Stephanopoulos has made the following statement: “The king has given the person of his choice a mandate to form a government. The Greek Rally Party and Parliament will make their own decisions.» A similar statement was made by Panayis Papaligouras.