Lack of respect for the state?

The publication of secret agents’ names by the newspaper Proto Thema is quite appalling. It shows that journalism in Greece has reached an all-time low and has both disgraced and embarrassed the profession.  Certain aspects of government and the state must remain a secret, including all state secret agents and their identities. How else is such an organization supposed to function, especially in the current international situation with terrorism? The newspaper and the journalists who wrote the article publicizing the names have shown deep and utter disrespect for the workings of the state and government. There are many other ways for a journalist or publication to call attention to claims of illegal actions on the part of a government’s secret agency, but not by publishing the identities of secret agents.  Here in the United States, we have had a similar recent situation where a member of the White House staff leaked a secret agent’s name to the press in retaliation for the agent’s spouse opposing President Bush’s policies in public. But here, a thorough investigation was and is being conducted, and one of the key members who leaked this information has been indicted and is awaiting trial. The same should happen in Greece. The Greek government should set up an investigative body or use a body in existence to investigate who published these names and such persons should be brought before justice for this affront to the state.  STAVROS SKENDERIS, New York.

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