TV prosecutor

…Alpha channel’s television program with Makis Triandafyllopoulos is the wrong solution to a genuine and acute problem. Unfortunately, public debate has polarized around two positions which are, essentially, two sides of the same coin. On one side stand those who focus exclusively on Triandafyllopoulos’s unethical investigatory tactics, and who disregard the essence of his revelations. On the other side stand those who give weight to the importance of the allegations against famous figures involved in illegal activity, overlooking the journalist’s dubious methods. But how can the revelations over the illicit slot machines be overlooked? It was no secret that there were thousands of such machines across Greece. Everyone knew this, but the authorities did nothing about it. It would be beneath the State’s dignity to deal with this problem merely because it was brought to light by television cameras. Furthermore, it was important to unveil the politicians’ entanglement with lumpen businessmen who became wealthy by treading the fence between the underworld and legality and who now occupy prominent positions in the capital or local communities. The fact that it is Triandafyllopoulos who is rocking the boat does not vindicate him. Having the power to vilify those whom he targets, he is essentially imposing a heavy penalty on them even before they have a chance to stand trial…

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