Colonialism’s ugly head

This is not the first time Britain has gotten carried away by its now pointless imperial syndrome. It is not easy to accept that a nation that once ruled the seas has become a «maidservant» of the Americans and aligned itself in near lockstep with Washington’s policies. Like every good «employee,» it strives to show the boss how useful it is. For decades Britain’s Foreign Office has been selling its expertise on the Cyprus issue to the US State Department. That is why it could not forgive the (Greek Cypriots’) overwhelming rejection of the Kofi Annan plan. No wonder colonialism has once again reared its ugly head. Nicosia rebutted the British secretary’s outrageous lies. Among other things, it recalled that European Union regulations on funding to the Turkish Cypriots have not been activated because of the unacceptable Turkish terms – which, like a good agent, London brought to the EU for discussion. As for the «malicious» view that the Republic of Cyprus would not be accepted into the EU today, the same can be said for the United Kingdom. It is not only the French who regret opening up the EU to Washington’s «fifth column.» Jack Straw referred to the legitimate Cypriot government using the Turkish term «Greek Cypriot government» and the «Papadopoulos administration». These references were made to back up the threat of international recognition for the pseudo-state. Straw’s attack is aimed at blackmailing the Greek Cypriots into accepting the Annan plan and at absolving Turkey of its obligation to abide by its EU accession commitments. The reaction in Athens was politically mute. Nicosia’s was strong but will be stronger if it demands what Britain owes it under the 1960 founding treaty.

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