February 17, 1956

KARAMANLIS AND FOREIGNERS: Yesterday in Klafthmonos Square, the leader of the National Radical Union (ERE), Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, addressed an electoral rally which was a clear and categorical foretaste of next Sunday’s electoral battle. PM Karamanlis told the large crowd: «(…) I have shown in practice that my deeds speak louder than my words. I do not need to make promises or deceive the people. I will either justify the expectations of the Greek people or abandon politics. My only ambition is to serve the people. For that reason, in the limited areas in which I have served in the past, I have created a tradition, clashed with vested interests and with foreign powers. I am determined to protect the people against any form of exploitation. I am determined to protect our national dignity as well as my own interests. I am in a position to assure you that throughout my political career and particularly over the past three months, during which I have had the honor of governing this country, no foreigner has dared to make any recommendation. I have a heightened sense of personal and national dignity. No foreign power has the right to an opinion on our country’s domestic affairs.»