March 9-10, 1956

MAKARIOS ARRESTED: Nicosia, 9 – Britain has struck at the very heart of the Cypriots’ movement to be united with Greece. Yet they will reap what they sow. Archbishop Makarios has been exiled, but the rallies in churches to the noise of bombs show the Cypriots are determined to struggle on to the end. WAR BETWEEN LONDON AND ATHENS: War broke out yesterday on the radio waves between supposedly allied capitals, London and Athens… The Cypriot people will no longer hear the voice of the homeland (the National Radio Foundation) and the Greeks will no longer hear the voice of London (the BBC), which they used to listen to during the occupation of Greece at great risk to their lives. The white noise which has been disturbing reception of Athens radio is just another link in the chain with which the British are binding Cyprus. KARAMANLIS’S STATEMENT: «The age when the voice of the smaller nations used to be suppressed by the more powerful nations has long gone. The Cypriots’ struggle might be very long and difficult, demanding further sacrifices. Yet no free person doubts its outcome…»