Clumsy allegations

The completely unethical CBS television broadcast on terrorism in Greece would only be a black page in American journalism were it not a link in a chain with a specific political objective. It is worth noting that the television show was preceded by an unacceptable State Department report on the same issue, a despicable article in Time magazine and an equally abhorrent report released by a group of US congressional experts. It should be pointed out that this latter report even recommended imposing sanctions on our country. Kathimerini rejects all conspiracy theories about US intentions and role, but it has to admit that all these reports are part of an orchestrated attack. Facts demonstrate that certain circles in Washington make up reports, articles and television shows which they use as a collective lever for putting pressure on Athens. They paint a picture of Greece which has nothing to do with reality. If these experts were to apply the same criteria on the US they would have to classify it as a high-risk country. Except if these figures believe they have the right to judge others but exclude themselves from similar judgments. The failure of Greece’s police force to disrupt November 17 terrorist organization is, no doubt, an open wound above all for Greece itself. Greece’s government cannot, of course, be proud of the fact that these terrorists have remained at large for such a long time, but it should be stressed that, at least in recent years, part of the failure also lies with the American intelligence services, which have a full picture and are taking active part in investigations. Neither can the pressure to make arrests be taken seriously, as lack of solid evidence would only lead to the release of the suspects and turn the whole case into a fiasco. What is most frustrating is that this genuine problem is used to level accusations against the ruling party of being too lax on urban guerrilla groups. It is not clear whether these are an expression of anti-terrorist hysteria or merely a way to exert political pressure for the fulfillment of ulterior objectives. Whatever the reason, this mud-slinging campaign has to stop. It is indicative that even Greece’s conservative political opposition has condemned the telecast and, in effect, backed its political opponents. Such charges are seen as blatantly unfair in Greece, where the government rejects any connection between November 17 and PASOK and has been working intensively to help track down terrorists.

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