May 2, 1956

DEADLY FIREWORKS: At 8.15 a.m. yesterday in the suburb of Dafni, outside the guardhouse in front of the taxation bureau, there was a terrible explosion in a truck bearing the registration plate 1029. The truck was carrying a load of fireworks. Four people were seriously injured in the explosion and three more sustained minor injuries. There was also serious damage to property surrounding the truck. CYPRUS ISSUE: The Cyprus issue is to be debated at the next meeting of NATO. The Greek minister of foreign affairs, Spyros Theotokis, is to make a speech criticizing the stance taken by Great Britain. SABOTAGE: Nicosia, 1 – An official announcement was made today regarding an explosion that occurred at the airport here on Friday (April 28) on board a Dakota aircraft belonging to Cyprus Airlines. The blast, which completely destroyed the aircraft, was apparently the work of saboteurs. GREECE-TURKEY: Mytilene, 1 – According to a report, a Turkish navy patrol boat allegedly stopped the Greek fishing boat Despo and escorted it in to a Turkish port.