July 13, 1956

REPLY TO EDEN: Statements by British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden in the House of Commons the day before yesterday, in which he ruled out the principle of self-determination for for the Cypriot people, has prompted strong protests from politicians in Greece. The leader of the Liberal Democratic Union (FDE), Mr Sophocles Venizelos, made the following statement: «We wish to draw a comparison with statements made by the former British prime minister (Winston Churchill) in 1941, during the Second World War (when Greece found itself alone at the side of Great Britain, and Eden, then the foreign secretary, had made promises to Greece), and his current stance which is dictated by purely imperialist goals. (…)» The leader of the Liberals, Mr George Papandreou, made this statement: «There is only one response we can make to Sir Anthony Eden: The entire Greek nation is united in the implacable struggle for the Cypriot people’s sacred right to self-determination.» ELIZABETH OF GREECE: Cannes, 13 – Elizabeth, a former queen of Greece (wife of George II), was taken to the Sunny Bank Hospital here today after having been overcome by a heart ailment.