September 6, 1956

PROTEST TO NATO: Paris, 5 – NATO’s Permanent Council met today in two sessions. Greece’s representative, Ambassador Michail Melas, lodged a demarche over the deterioration in Greek-Turkish relations due to Turkey’s continued provocations, one of which was the break-in at the Greek Embassy in Ankara on August 27 and the theft of documents. According to the diplomatic correspondent of Agence-France Presse, the theft led to a protest by the Greek government and a request for explanations regarding the investigation by the Turkish government which has not been conclusive. NIKOS KRANIDIOTIS: London, 5 (From our correspondent) – The arrest of the general secretary of the Cypriot Ethnarchy, Mr Nikolaos Kranidiotis (in Nicosia by the British authorities), has given rise to displeasure within political and diplomatic circles here. Kranidiotis had made a good impression during a recent visit to London. In Nicosia, an official announcement discussed «evidence referring to the initial organization and idea of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) which confirm that Kranidiotis played a major role in that organization from its inception.»